Choice for Cancer

Nick Straccini is a passionate musician on a life mission

to provide cancer patients with alternative medicine options.

Healthy Eating-Positive Mindset-Loving Spirit

When Nick was 14, he was playing ‘AA’ hockey and was fortunate enough to have access to a nutritionist, Bruce Bonner MASc, RCNP. Bruce helped Nick understand the very real and scientifically proven connection between optimal performance and nutrition. This relationship was pivotal in starting Nick’s personal journey of healthy eating and positive living.

When Nick was 23, his mother was diagnosed with malignant melanoma and Nick was told he was eight times more likely to contract this disease in his life. This started his serious pursuit of knowledge of health and wellness.

In January 2017, Nick discovered the work of Ty Bollinger who is a health advocate from the United States. Ty’s documentary “The Truth About Cancer” inspired Nick to learn even more about the connection between food and disease.

Soon thereafter, Nick made the conscious choice to become a vegan in order to support his body toward optimal performance. Now a pescatarian, Nick remains a firm believer in making conscious healthy eating choices and their significant impact on truly living a healthy and vital life.

His goal with Choice For Cancer, his passion project, is to support people challenged by di-ease by providing them with resources they need to better educate themselves on alternative preventative strategies to empower them on a path of vitality, health and longevity.

Nick is passionate about sharing his wisdom with others and to offer where possible his musical talent to raise awareness about the connection between diet, mindset and spiritual outlook on health and disease.